Thursday, April 2, 2009

We make your butt eco-happy!

New at Invironments:

Introducing Italiana Salotti, Invironments' newest high-end, modern, custom furniture line. Currently on our showroom floor: the cutest HOT pink chair with stiletto feet and super cush chocolate leather sofa..

This line is designed and manufactured in Italy and created without CFCs -- the leading cause of ozone depletion
in the stratosphere. Did you know that CFC molecules can have a 100-year lifespan and just one CFC molecule can result in the loss of 100,000 ozone molecules? Mention this tidbit next time you're in the store and get 10% off one item.

Stop into Invironments soon to take a seat in these luxurious new additions!

How cute is that hot pink chair? Seriously!!!

Melt into the chocolate leather sofa - it's sooooo comfortable!
Come in soon - you've just got to try it.

Stay tuned... we'll be announcing yet another eco-friendly line very soon, made in the U.S.A.

If someone you know is considering a home remodel, refer Invironments and you could earn a $500 shopping spree at our store. We offer interior design, eco-remodeling and full-service project management, insulating our clients from the stress of a typical home remodel.

At Invironments, it's our mission to create spaces that connect you to your joy.

In joy,
Jodi Feinhor-Dennis

1646 Pearl Street, Boulder
(303) 413-8003

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