Friday, January 18, 2008

two new furniture lines

There are two new sustainable, high quality furniture lines we just started carrying called InModern and Eco Tots. Both are a brand of the Simple Furniture Company, which produces environmentally friendly real wood modern furniture. The InModern line is made from 100% renewable FSC certified smart wood and is 100% formaldehyde free. There’s a wide range of products from coffee tables and desks to entertainment centers and chairs and they all assemble and disassemble easily. In fact, no tools are necessary. The style is very unique and I brought InModern into my store because of its green properties and palatable look.

Eco Tots is a children’s line that is also part of the same, fully green furniture company. Their line of products includes easels, baby tables and chairs. The kids’ furniture is very appealing and user friendly. Just the other day, a little girl planted herself on one of the Eco Tots red stools, at the tiny red table in our showroom, and quietly ate her snack while her parents shopped! Both InModern and Eco Tots have been featured in Parent Magazine and on the Today Show.

Here in my store we are always on the lookout for modern furniture and accessories that are interesting yet functional, and if they give back to the environment, that’s even better. Affordable furniture, for the most part, used to be made out of materials that contain toxic gasses and preservatives. Formaldehyde is a preservative that’s been linked to causing cancer and has been found in many wood laminates. Laminates used to be a fine idea, but now that designers have developed a way to use raw wood that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, that’s the way to go. So if you’re using formaldehyde free wood, you’re doing the right thing!

We love having brands like InModern and Eco Tots in our store and they’ve been well received by our clients, so we’re always searching for these kinds of products. The aesthetics aren’t the only thing appealing about the product for me though. The furniture is incredibly well priced and gets delivered really quickly, which means a lot to me as a small company carrying the brand. We’re always striving to bring new choices to our walk-in and website customers and look for appealing products that will help you complete your living environment.