Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet sectional @ cool customer's redesigned home

Isn't this the coolest Ireland green sectional? Two of our favorite customers, Brent & Jamie Barkley, selected this EQ3 Leo sectional from Invironments. What great taste!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Truffletastic Tuesday!

Chocolate & Sponges is Tuesday, April 21 at 6pm-7:30.

Invironments Connect to Your Joy Home Series
Because connecting to your joy is SO important right now!

Free chocolate, free spring cleaning tips, free giveaway of cool things and get 15% off any purchases during the event.

Special guest speakers:

- Mr. Shannon Siebert: he's a chocolatier, confectionary genius, Culinary School of the Rockies professor and a pastry chef extraordinaire. He will give insider tips on how to choose the best quality chocolate and details of the tempering process to create tantalizing truffles.

- TWIST: the coolest eco-friendly sponges and a Boulder-based company. Do you know the environmental impact of traditional sponges? Daniel will get you in-the-know and tell you all about the mission of TWIST.

- FiberSeal: When disaster strikes (like pink marker on a white sofa) FiberSeal comes to the rescue! Discover how cleaning and protecting your furniture and rugs can dramatically increase their longevity and beauty.

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THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS: Concertos in Chocolate, TWIST, FiberSeal
And don't miss our next event: Cheese + Pillows! Saturday, May 16 12-1:30pm

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chocolate & Sponges: Event April 21!

Invironments is thrilled to announce the second event in its Connect to Your Joy Home Series: Chocolate & Sponges! Tuesday, April 21 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30.

Savor hand-made truffles from Concertos in Chocolate and discover the best eco-friendly sponges & products by Twist. A Boulder culinary professor will give an inside-look on truffle making tips & tricks. And Invironments' highly recommended upholstery/rug cleaning service, FiberSeal, will tell a heroic story... a customer recently had a mishap with a hot pink ma rker and a white Della Robbia sofa. While traditional cleaning attempts were unsuccessful, FiberSeal returned the stunning sofa to like-new condition. Phew!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Five Tips for Creating a Beautiful Kitchen that’s EASY to Work In

1. Consider more than just cooking when designing your kitchen. Kitchens are now often landing zones for the whole household – mail/office space, cell phone charging stations, entertaining. When planning your kitchen design, throw the net wide and consider all the uses.

2. Group similar activities into zones. Primary zones like prep, cooking and cleanup create the kitchen framework and should be distributed to avoid crowding, but close enough to share common needs. Locate prep and cleanup zones near each other. Distribute secondary zones like baking, beverage, communication centers, storage and entertainment throughout the primary zones to spread out activity. Use this system as an alternative to the standard kitchen triangle, which doesn’t work for all floor plans.

3. Plan for multiple cooks in the kitchen. Organize zones with enough elbow room to accommodate multiple people. Can someone access the dishwasher while another preps and cooks? Does opening the refrigerator door cut another person off from the sink? If you have the space, leave at least 48” of clear counter space to one side of the stove or cooktop.

4. Face your guests. If you are the social type, create an interactive layout to better connect with your family or guests while in the kitchen. Give people a comfortable place to sit to help with prep, do homework or just visit.

5. Buy eco-sensible materials. Shop for eco-friendly alternatives to standard kitchen materials. Cabinet boxes can be made from non-off-gassing particleboard or sustainable wood from managed forests. Research has shown granite can be radioactive (The New York Times “What’s Lurking in Your Countertop?” 7/24/08). Check out cool & durable countertop materials that contain recycled materials. Recycled glass:, Vetrazzo, Trinity. Post-industrial-waste integrated with cement: Recycled paper: Bamboo+paper: EcoTop. Decommissioned money: Shektastone.

Invironments helps you create spaces that connect you to your joy. We encourage cooking enthusiasts to delight in their craft and get more out of their kitchens. We create beautiful, eco-friendly kitchens and minimize the frustration of a typical home remodel. Unlike other interior designers or kitchen planners, Invironments manages the entire project. We hire the architect, contractor and painter, while overseeing the entire job from concept to curtains. See our designs at or visit our showroom located at 1646 Pearl Street in beautiful downtown Boulder. (303) 413-8003.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We make your butt eco-happy!

New at Invironments:

Introducing Italiana Salotti, Invironments' newest high-end, modern, custom furniture line. Currently on our showroom floor: the cutest HOT pink chair with stiletto feet and super cush chocolate leather sofa..

This line is designed and manufactured in Italy and created without CFCs -- the leading cause of ozone depletion
in the stratosphere. Did you know that CFC molecules can have a 100-year lifespan and just one CFC molecule can result in the loss of 100,000 ozone molecules? Mention this tidbit next time you're in the store and get 10% off one item.

Stop into Invironments soon to take a seat in these luxurious new additions!

How cute is that hot pink chair? Seriously!!!

Melt into the chocolate leather sofa - it's sooooo comfortable!
Come in soon - you've just got to try it.

Stay tuned... we'll be announcing yet another eco-friendly line very soon, made in the U.S.A.

If someone you know is considering a home remodel, refer Invironments and you could earn a $500 shopping spree at our store. We offer interior design, eco-remodeling and full-service project management, insulating our clients from the stress of a typical home remodel.

At Invironments, it's our mission to create spaces that connect you to your joy.

In joy,
Jodi Feinhor-Dennis

1646 Pearl Street, Boulder
(303) 413-8003