Monday, March 1, 2010


Like many of you, I am at pivotal crossroads in my life. Professionally, and in some ways personally. 2009 was rough in so many ways. I had insane clients (literally), if you are reading this, it was not you :-), pressures at the showroom, and painful layoffs. I have never been one to shy away from a personal growth challenge and I will certainly not shy away from this one. It seems clear we are being called to evaluate what is ethical, true and authentic in our world and in our personal lives.

What I know:

I want to be happy and feel everyday I am making a positive, helpful difference in someone’s life. I want to somehow be a beacon of hope as we maneuver thru this significant shift. We get to make some profound life changing choices right now. TOGETHER we have to make concessions and look out for each other.

Small businesses are being hit hard and I am fighting for my life. I can’t just sell a piece of furniture to make a buck. I can’t and never could design a home just to make it look pretty. For me, there has always been a deeper more poignant purpose to my career choice.

I do believe our home has to be a true and authentic space to let down our guard, re-charge, be safe and happy. A space where everywhere you look, you feel exceptional. You walk in your kitchen and you feel proud that you are eating the foods that sustain your body, cooking and preparing meals in a kitchen created with eco-minded materials, energy star rated appliances. You walk in your bedroom and the very sight of this magnificent space calms you.

In a moment of hope, I signed a two year lease at the end of December for Invironments. I did so trusting and hoping that as a community we would all work together to make the true message and intention of Invironments be experienced and succeed.

I love having the most affordable modern furniture in Boulder. After four days at the Las Vegas furniture show, I found some inspiration and have brought in a few new lines, I know are “within reach” for so many of my customers.

Take a look at Innovations for modern cool sofa beds and bright graphic Amy Butler rugs by Chandra.

Clubber Sofa bed: $1399 and 6x9 Rug: $865