Friday, April 17, 2009

Truffletastic Tuesday!

Chocolate & Sponges is Tuesday, April 21 at 6pm-7:30.

Invironments Connect to Your Joy Home Series
Because connecting to your joy is SO important right now!

Free chocolate, free spring cleaning tips, free giveaway of cool things and get 15% off any purchases during the event.

Special guest speakers:

- Mr. Shannon Siebert: he's a chocolatier, confectionary genius, Culinary School of the Rockies professor and a pastry chef extraordinaire. He will give insider tips on how to choose the best quality chocolate and details of the tempering process to create tantalizing truffles.

- TWIST: the coolest eco-friendly sponges and a Boulder-based company. Do you know the environmental impact of traditional sponges? Daniel will get you in-the-know and tell you all about the mission of TWIST.

- FiberSeal: When disaster strikes (like pink marker on a white sofa) FiberSeal comes to the rescue! Discover how cleaning and protecting your furniture and rugs can dramatically increase their longevity and beauty.

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THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS: Concertos in Chocolate, TWIST, FiberSeal
And don't miss our next event: Cheese + Pillows! Saturday, May 16 12-1:30pm

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