Sunday, December 16, 2007

Design Myth - Debunked

Painting your own house is easy...

Painting your home without professional help is the hardest, most challenging project you could ever undertake. Hiring professional painters makes a huge difference with how finished a house looks and shows how much care you give your home. People underestimate how much time and detail go into painting a home and unless you are going to paint everything the same color, hire someone else to do it!

When people ask why they would need an interior stylist to work on their space I can’t help but smile because while it seems like designing your home would be easy, it’s often when people start down the path that they realize how much thought goes into designing your space and making the whole house work together as one cohesive area. So whether you have a big project or a small one it’s worth taking the time to at least talk to a pro whose work you respect and appreciate. This is why we offer more than just our services, but also a store that can help guide people in a design direction they’ll love, no matter what their budget.

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